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We are absolutely devastated following the deaths of at least four people, including two small children, trying to cross the English Channel yesterday. Our thoughts are with the families of those who died and those still in hospital.

The biggest tragedy is that these deaths were preventable. Now is the time for the government to seriously reassess its hostile policies and create more safe and legal routes to claim asylum in the UK.

Unfortunately, recent proposals by the Home Office signal a hardening of resolve to intercept people desperately crossing the Channel, turn them back, and even detain them 'offshore'.

We know that this will not deter people from making dangerous attempts to reach the UK. Many of whom have family here that they are hoping to rejoin. We also know that when safe and legal ways to claim asylum are available, people use them. But these options are fast reducing.

Only last week, the government voted against an amendment to its immigration bill that aimed to extend provisions for asylum-seekers to be reunited with family members in the UK after 31st December 2020. Meanwhile, the government's refugee resettlement scheme has remained paused since it was frozen in March due to Covid-19, despite the lifting of travel bans over the summer.

Without safe options, more lives could be lost. This is unacceptable. We urgently need a more humane approach. No one should die seeking sanctuary for themselves and their family.

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