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Welcome to our new website! 

Our new website is part of a wider programme of digital development which we are undertaking to improve access to information and guidance for visitors and people in detention. In doing so, we aim to make accurate information about detention available to the wider public and other communities impacted by detention.

This follows the launch of our new strategy, which aims to strengthen and increase the capacity of visitors and visitor groups in the context of detention expansion and normalisation. This has been informed by a research project which we took part in in 2021 with Refugee Action’s Explore Programme on how we can make our resources more accessible. 

Our findings included: barriers to accessing AVID’s members area, the need for a volunteer-facing online space and the importance of up-to-date information on the bigger picture of detention. Central to our new strategy is the launch of our members charter and the aim to increase collaboration amongst our diverse community of visitor groups. This has also informed our new website, which aims to showcase our collective aims as well as the reach of our network beyond visiting. 

On our new website, you will find:

  • Are you a visitor? or Are you in detention? : We have designed our website around our two primary audiences: visitors(including friends and family) and people in immigration detention. Information has also been added to support other organisations and individuals who would be interested in finding out specific information about immigration detention in the UK via our Knowledge Hub.
  • Knowledge Hub: this space is designed to make it easier to find information and resources. You can filter for information according to your situation (visitor, in detention, in prison, advocacy, family or friend) and the type of information you are looking for (facts and figures; guides; publications or training). 
  • Projects from AVID and AVID Members: the aim of this space is to showcase the variety of activities and campaigns from our members, as well as how supporters can get involved.
  • AVID members charter: we are showcasing publicly our shared values as a network for the first time on our website.
  • Updated Map: This is an updated map of detention to include prisons and further information on places of detention. You can filter by site and see which groups visit in each site. 
  • AVID Training and Speakers Videos:  Here AVID members and their volunteers can access recordings from AVID trainings and talks for volunteer visitors and coordinators all in one place. 

The next phase of digital development is the launch of an updated online version of our handbook, making it open-source and accessible to all for the first time. 

Our handbook is an extensive toolkit for visitors, including updated information on visiting skills, detention policy and practice, accessing legal advice and healthcare in detention and detention monitoring. We plan to launch the first chapters of the online handbook next month, including updated chapters on: 

  • Essential legislation, policy and guidance
  • Immigration detention in prison
  • Getting out of detention
  • Removal, Return and Deportation

We will continue to review and develop the site and its content to make sure it is as useful as possible. To do this, we would love you to share any feedback via this form, which you will also find a link to on the website banner.

Our website was designed with Common Knowledge. Thank you to Esmée Fairbairn and Cloud Artisans and Nominet GiveHub who provided funding for this project.

Logo from our funders: Esmée Fairbairn Foundation

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