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We are heartbroken to hear that a 37-year-old Albanian man detained at Brook House IRC died in the hospital on Friday [17th November 2023] after having attempted suicide just over a week ago.

Three investigations have been launched following the circumstances of his death. This death and further disastrous harm could have been avoided if the Home Office had acted quickly to stop treating people inhumanely.

Our thoughts are with his friends, families, and those still detained there.

Gee Manoharan, our Co-Director for Policy and Influencing, said:

"In the wake of the tragic passing on Friday, our hearts ache to witness the consequences of a system prioritising expansion over human welfare. The government's relentless plans to expand detention, coupled with the oppressive Illegal Migration Act and the lingering issues exposed by the Brook House Inquiry, lay bare a stark failure to address the well-being of those in detention. The profound toll on mental health and alarming safeguarding incidents within these walls cannot be dismissed. Urgent action isn't a choice; it's a moral imperative. In solidarity with those in detention, we demand a system that prioritises humanity over bureaucracy."

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