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In March, we called for an immediate halt to all removals, and for the release of everyone held in immigration detention, in response to Covid-19. Recent reports of positive Covid-19 cases at Dungavel IRC and a possible positive case at Brook House IRC have demonstrated that the risk to life of those in detention is now a question of the highest concern.

We are asking the Home Office to immediately release all those held administratively in detention centres and prisons across the UK, to avoid a public health disaster and loss of life. Priority should be given to those held in centres already found to have had positive cases and adequate accommodation, testing and healthcare must be provided.

As cases of Covid-19 across the UK continue to rise, the number of people being held in detention or being deported on charter flights has once again increased. The accompanying rate of transfers of people between different holding centres across the UK poses a further unnecessary risk to public health.

We are also concerned that social distancing measures needed to prevent the spread of Covid-19 in detention centres are causing further harm to an already vulnerable group of people. For example, access to legal advice as well as NGO support such as the visiting provided by our members has become increasingly difficult during lockdown.

We call once again for a halt on all removals and for the Home Office to prioritise public health needs by immediately releasing all those held in detention to safe accommodation in the community.

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