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In the wake of the UK Parliament's passage of the Rwanda Safety Act 2024, Detention Action, a member group of AVID, has launched a vital petition.

The petition, which has already garnered over 50,000 signatures, amplifies the voices of those directly impacted by this legislation. One such individual, a former service member who served alongside UK forces in Afghanistan, shares their feelings of profound disillusionment with a system that once promised protection but now threatens deportation to Rwanda. Their story is emblematic of countless people who seek sanctuary in the UK, only to face involuntary deportation to a country deemed unsafe by the highest court in the UK. Along with thousands of others, these individuals now find themselves in enormous fear and uncertainty for their future and safety.

The petition's call to action resonates with thousands, if not millions, across the nation who denounce the cruelty and injustice inherent in the Rwanda deportation plan. Their plea to the Prime Minister is clear: abandon this flawed policy and institute safe, organised pathways for claiming asylum.

In solidarity with Detention Action and all those affected, AVID urges our supporters to sign the petition and lend their voices to a collective demand for change. Together, we can compel the UK government to reconsider its stance and uphold its commitment to providing refuge for those in need.

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