Advocacy & Policy

Immigration detention is expensive, inefficient and unjust. AVID works at a range of levels to improve the conditions and treatment of detainees, and to reduce the negative impact of detention. 

AVID's advocacy work is based on the day to day lived experiences of detainees. There is a volunteer visitors group in every single detention facility in the UK. Every week, volunteers visit these otherwise inaccessible facilities, and hear first hand about the conditions and treatment of those held inside. 











AVID works to research, collate and produce information and evidence on the reality of detention, and to use this as tool for positive change.  

Working with and through our member visitors groups we are able to present a national picture, and we strive to ensure this evidence reaches decision makers, working to improve the situation for each and every detainee. 

AVID regularly attends Home Office stakeholder meetings on behalf of the network of visitors groups. We also work to engage with statutory monitoring bodies like Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Prisons. We are regularly consulted about detention conditions nationally, and work to present this in a range of policy spheres including with international human rights mechanisms. We produce briefing papers, consultation responses and reports on key issues of concern, to improve detention conditions and inform policy locally and nationally. You can read our submissions and papers here

We are also a Coordinating Group member of the Detention Forum, a national network of NGOs working to challenge the use of detention in the UK. In this coalition we are a policy lead, prioritising work to end the detention of vulnerable people.

"AVID's position enables a balanced view, presented in a balanced way. This is very helpful - and if you don't do that for visitors groups, no one would" 

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