Tragic news

Several people drown trying to reach safety in the UK

AVID is heartbroken to hear of the deaths of 27 people in the channel yesterday. Our very immediate thoughts are with those who lost their lives, and their friends and families. We stand with you. 

At this time our thoughts are also with those living in uncertainty within the asylum system in the UK, or struggling in limbo in detention, and for whom this news will be particularly devastating. 

But we are not surprised to hear this horrific news. These deaths were wholly preventable. The current asylum system in the UK means there are no safe legal routes other than some very limited resettlement schemes. These deaths could have been avoided: no one gets into a dinghy or other inflatable boat to make this dangerous crossing unless they have no other option. 

The new Nationality and Borders Bill will further criminalise those who are trying to find safety and many, many more people will die. 

To prevent further deaths, there is an urgent need for safe routes to the UK. Only the provision of safe routes will stop people risking their lives by undertaking these dangerous, frightening journeys. 

Photo by Prateek Gautam on Unsplash

Publication date: 
Thursday, November 25, 2021