Ali McGinley to stand down as Director at year end

A note from our Trustees

The Board of Trustees would like to share the news that Ali McGinley has decided to step down from her role as Director at the end of the year. 

Ali has been with us for over 12 years. We are sad to see her go but immensely grateful to her for her tireless efforts, loyalty and dedication to AVID and to upholding the rights of people in detention. 

The detention estate has changed beyond recognition since Ali began at AVID, and detention is no longer the marginalised issue it once was. Our membership has grown, developed and strengthened its identity in this time. Ali has responded in an incredibly agile way to change especially with the pressures of the pandemic and she and her team should be incredibly proud of the leadership, guidance and continuum of support they have provided to members even in the face of insecurity for themselves. This is no mean feat and we are incredibly grateful to Ali and the team for working with such grace and dedication during the pandemic in particular. 

Ali, as Director of AVID, has been instrumental in holding the government to account for its countless moral failings. Ali's diplomacy and tact have been integral in securing and maintaining access to detention centres and other facilities and to shining a light on the many injustices of detention.  

Ali has supported AVID members to bear witness and critically to support those in detention and those that have been detained to have their voices heard, to share their Hidden Stories. 

In chairing the Detention Monitoring Group and as a founding member of the Detention Forum, Ali has shaped and spearheaded policy and calls for increased scrutiny and oversight of detention, including calling for time limits and for detention to end. AVID will continue to work to the same ends in striving for fundamental and durable change and in building on the alliances that Ali and her team have built across the sector, both within and outside of the UK. 

2019 marked the 25th anniversary of AVID. Whilst sadly the need for AVID is ever present with the new Nationality and Borders Bill, the new detention centre in Durham and the omnipresent hostile environment, our network of volunteers remains thanks in no small part to Ali's caring and supportive stewardship. We want to celebrate and thank Ali and AVID's members for staying the course and continuing to advocate and support people in detention in exposing the truth behind the claims, and telling the real stories. 

Words do little justice in thanking Ali for the integral part she has played in leading AVID over the years and in motivating and supporting her team and members to navigate their way through many challenges. We know she will be keenly missed. 

We invite you to join us in thanking Ali and in wishing her well going forwards. We will host an event (online) in the New Year in recognition of Ali's time with AVID and to give you all the opportunity to share your thanks.  



Publication date: 
Tuesday, December 21, 2021