Join Us!

Join AVID and support people held in immigration detention 

AVID is a membership network, which values the input and insight of our numberous organisational and individual members across the UK. Our members include 16 organisations with around 520 volunteers who give their time to befriend and support people being held in immigration detention. We also have individual members who believe in what AVID does and support our fundraising and awareness raising activities across the country. 

Individual membership 

As an individual member, you will be committing to supporting AVID to make a real difference to the suffering caused by immigration detention across the UK. You may be a visitor, or you may take other direct action. Individual members have voting rights and can shape the direction of AVID. Members also recieve our regular newsletter, invitations to our events and workshops, and much more. 

Membership costs: £25 a year (waged); £10 a year (unwaged) experts by experience of detention can join for free.

For more information, you can download our membership forms and pricing breakdown here

Make a donation

AVID operates on a shoestring budget and is funded wholly through grants and donations. Help us by making a donation here

Organisational membership 

Organisational membership is open to visitors groups or those who visit in detention as part of a wider remit. 

Organisational membership requires groups to sign up to our Member's Charter, currently in development. 

We provide a wide range of support to our member visitor groups across the UK, including one-to-one advice and guidance, training, resources, events and advocacy support. Being part of the AVID network also provides contact and links with visitors groups across the UK, and is a great way to share experiences and best practice in visiting in detention.

Membership fees vary according to organisation resources and size.If you are part of a visitors group, or setting one up in your area and are interested in becoming a member of AVID, please get in touch to find out more.